Information Security for Educational Technology

We Secure Canada's Innovative Edtech Sector

Why is Edtech Security Important?

Educational technology has revolutionized learning for all ages, but the vast amounts of personal information collected remain an irresistible draw for cybercriminals around the world. Verify™ Edtech Assessments reveal security vulnerabilities and identify risks to educational technology before they create a security incident.

Edtech Security Experts

A certified Risk Advisor™ is an accredited professional with deep expertise in cloud, mobile app and website security, whose focus is to advise school boards and edtech vendors on standardized approaches to personal information protection.

Certify Your Edtech

School boards and edtech innovators who care about the safety of student personal data choose Verify™ Edtech risk assessments to test the security of educational technology and conduct threat-risk assessments that deliver one of the world's most respected Edtech security attestations: the Statement of Trust™.

Edtech Security Education

From edtech creators responsible for building secure learning tools to school board administrators accountable for the selection of trustworthy platforms, a specialized edtech Risk Advisor™ provides training workshops, seminars and on-demand advisory to help decision makers keep data safe and secure.